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Facts, Know The

by Pierre S. Aoukar, MD and Hratch L. Karamanoukian, MD
Posted: March 10

Remember what we said about books and reading? You can’t always believe what you read, even if it is coming from someone with an MD at the end of their name. Though some things inherently make sense, like eating lots of fruits and vegetables, not everything is crystal clear and you need to do your homework. What you can believe are scientific studies published in scientific journals and conducted by scientists or doctors working at universities. This is the most legitimate type of work which does provide the facts, where the proof really is in the pudding. We hope that we’ve done a lot of that of that homework for you in these books, but we still cannot cover everything. Medicine is a continuously evolving field. Your physician can be valuable resource for keeping you up to date on the latest findings. A good trick, though not necessarily foolproof, is check to see if there are any scientific journals lying around you doctors desk the next time you see him or her.

Facts, Know The , Excerpt from the book: Everything Good For The Heart: The A to Z Guide, Aoukar PS and Karamanoukian HL. Magalhaes Scientific Press


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