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Bamboo Shoots

by Pierre S Aoukar, MD and Hratch L. Karamanoukian, MD
Posted: February 27

You’re probably wondering what these are. Bamboo shoots are the young cane of a bamboo plant, usually less than two weeks old. They’re an excellent source of fiber, lignans and phenolic acids. The latter two are antioxidants and if you haven’t already realized how good antioxidants are for you , you will. Just as important, the bamboo may also serve as a metaphor for your life. With every season the bamboo’s stems grow longer than the previous year, in a way maturing from year to year. Similarly, the changes you instill in your life should come slowly and through a progressive understanding of your body, building upon a knowledge of what does and does not benefit your health.

Bamboo Shoots, Excerpt from the book: Everything Good For The Heart: The A to Z Guide, Aoukar PS and Karamanoukian HL. Magalhaes Scientific Press


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