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This book will guide you through the necessary steps to eating the heart-healthy way. Everything from super-delicious 100% vegan recipes to how to live a heart healthy lifestyle are included. Order your copy today. Click Here Now. NEW! Dr. Pete's Eating for a Healthy Heart
Eating the heart healthy way is a key factor in quality of life and longevity. A strong family history of heart disease has prompted Dr. Pete to combine his love for the culinary arts and his medical degree into an evanescent fight to reduce cardiovascular disease through prevention and proper cardiac nutrition! This unique book includes over one-hundred, 100% vegan, heart healthy recipes that you won't find anywhere else. Not tasteless veggie dishes -- but food you would find in the most elegant of restaurants -- extraordinarily tasty, easy to prepare, beautifully served, and totally good for you. Also included is a guide for living and eating the heart healthy way!   More Information...

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We all know someone who has heart disease. Chances are, you know a lot of people who’ve been affected by this modern plague. We’ve put ourselves into your shoes and we're going to teach you to take charge of your health. We do not preach fad diets or peddle magic pills. Life is not that easy. There certainly is no easy way around heart disease. Your greatest enemy is the hand with which you eat. The place to begin reforming your life begins with your dinner plate and ends with your walking shoes. We hope that you will contemplate the things you will read and if necessary, you will slowly and willingly make the effort necessary for a heart healthier life.

"Let medicine be your food
And food, your medicine.

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