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Pizza Sauce, Roasted Garlic

by Pierre S. Aoukar, MD
Posted: March 1


4 28 oz. cans San Marzano Plum Tomatoes
one whole head garlic, peeled
3 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil
fresh basil
dried oregano
sea salt to taste
crushed red pepper to taste
fresh oregano, fresh marjoram (optional)


1. This is my pizza sauce of preference because it can stand alone on a pizza. In other words you donít any other ingredients to make the pizza taste good. This sauce, I always make chunky and the basic difference is adding a whole lot of cooked garlic instead of raw garlic. In this case, you donít want to crush the tomatoes. Squeeze the juice out of tomatoes and drain off all the juice using a strainer. You can use this juice to make pasta sauce later on. One you have done this, mash the tomatoes between your fingers until you have chunks and stringy pieces. Ideally you want to use your garden grown plum tomatoes (peeled, by scalding in boiling water for a minute) or San Marzano tomatoes grown in Italy (they are more expensive, but also much sweeter and flavorful than the tomatoes grown in California).

2. In a sautť pan over low heat, pour oil and add all the peeled whole garlic cloves immediately. This is a quick and easy way to roast garlic. Since you are going to use the olive oil, you may as well flavor it with the garlic. Cook the garlic over low heat until all the garlic cloves are just lightly browned and soft in texture. Immediately turn off heat. Add all the garlic and oil to the tomatoes. Add salt, a handful of torn basil leaf, dried oregano and as much red pepper as you like. If you want your sauce to be a bit more aromatic, add some roughly chopped fresh oregano and/or marjoram. Your sauce is ready to use.

Roasted Garlic PIzza Sauce, The Recipes of Dr. Aoukar

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